A Wish List for Frozen 2 Based on the Shortcomings of Frozen


The news we were all expecting was just released a few days ago: Frozen 2 is go. We don’t know anything about the plot, but it’s been confirmed the creative team would be coming back together. In lieu of this, we decided to put together a list of things we hope to see in Frozen 2 based on what happened in the first film.

Can the trolls have a point?

It has been said numerous times that the trolls caused this whole thing and it has also been said it was her parents’ fault for doing the exact opposite of what the trolls warned them about. I don’t really care about that. What I care about is baby Kristoff and Sven having seen what happened between Anna, Elsa, their parents and the trolls. I was waiting for Kristoff to connect the dots the whole movie, to realize he had seen Anna before and bring the whole thing full circle, but that never happened.

frozen lil kristoff and svevn

I feel like Anna needed to learn what had happened to her, that her memory had been wiped, in order to finally understand why Elsa had locked herself away for all those years. Learning your sister has magic is one thing, but learning your sister’s magic almost killed you and she was so afraid of hurting you again that she isolated herself is just so much more emotional. It wouldn’t erase the pain Anna felt not knowing why she was suddenly shut out, but it could help her make sense of it now as a grown woman and move forward.

And that takes me to…

Anna and Elsa: A Stronger Bond

Everyone touts Frozen for having such an amazing sister bond (HELLO: Lilo and Stitch!!!), but really, their relationship is never addressed. Once Anna finds out Elsa has magic, all her hurt is erased and she’s all, “I NEED TO BRING ELSA BACK!” While that’s a great message to show that Anna accepts Elsa for who she is because she’s her sister, just moments ago she didn’t even know how to stand next to Elsa. There needed to be a reconciliation between them, an emotional payoff.

Anna and Elsa spend the majority of the movie apart, with Elsa angst-ing in her ice castle and Anna determined and ignorant of everything going on. In The First Time in Forever reprise she even says, “You don’t have to be afraid anymore” like it’s that simple. Elsa is heralded as a figure of anxiety and depression and Anna says to her one of the most unhelpful things someone can while one is in the midst of an attack, basically: “Smile,” “Don’t worry about it,” “Relax.” Anna has no idea what Elsa is feeling, what she has been feeling for so long. It is not something that can be switched off. Elsa’s self-loathing is something never really addressed once Anna sacrifices herself for her. And self-loathing can only be overcome from within. People can make the grandest gestures in the world, but it means nothing if the person struggling isn’t in the right state of mind. As a result, Elsa’s arc feels cheapened because it is erased once Anna saves both herself and Elsa with an act of true love.

I really want to see Anna understand Elsa’s emotional state and what Elsa gave up in the hope of keeping her sister safe. I want to see Anna reassure Elsa she’ll be there to help her along the way and Elsa actually find healthy coping mechanisms.



I find Anna and Kristoff adorable, but I don’t want to see anymore putting down of the “love at first sight,” “you’re gonna marry a man you just met” bashing aimed at past Disney films. The majority of previous Disney couples actually connected on a real level and did not just blindly fall head over heels with each other despite the short timeframes. Because guess what, Anna and Kristoff both fall in love over the course of about a day and the trolls try to throw a wedding for them. No other couple was TOLD to get married after a day. If they did, they did because they wanted to.


frozen hans

Hans was such a weak villain. Hans was underdeveloped and unneeded in this film. I understand that Anna was naïve and sheltered and lonely, so she went charging into the first relationship she found, but she does the same thing with Kristoff in getting him to take her up the mountain. She’s as nervous with him as she was with Hans during their first interaction. It’s not like her relationship with Hans solved all her problems. Anna would have approached the ice man with or without having met Hans. So if he doesn’t serve anything in helping open Anna out, he doesn’t do anything as a villain either. The real villain of this film was supposed to be the result of lack of communication (between Elsa and Anna, and also the parents) and Elsa’s anxiety. Hans and his MUAHAHA reveal at the end ends up being very one-dimensional, especially after the movie misled us about Hans’ feelings for Anna. (Ex: that scene when he’s on his own after he first meets Anna and gets that goofy smile on his face. That is not the face of an evil plotter.) Then we also have the Duke and his lackies. There’s just a lot of people in this film competing for time so nothing is fully fleshed out.

Anna and Blind Worship

Speaking of fleshing out, Anna is a character that is supposed to have the best intentions. She wants to help Elsa. She wants to bring her back. She believes wholeheartedly in Elsa so much that it isn’t realistic. It’s a great message to show you accept and love family for who they are, but family is hard and messy and people get angry. Anna should be angry for being shut out with seemingly no precursor. She should resent Elsa shutting her out. But she’s not. We all cried at Do You Want to Build a Snowman because Anna was brilliant. She wanted her sister back, she didn’t understand, she wanted answers. Later she wanted a playmate. Later she wanted someone to grieve with. And then she gave up. And then all of a sudden she’s just ready to believe again, which goes back to the aspect of the Anna/Elsa relationship I wanted to see be more nuanced and developed. People are allowed to be angry. Being angry at someone does not mean you cease to love them. Anna is stripped of her own emotional arc that began in Do You Want to Build a Snowman because of this. And speaking of arcs…

Stronger Character Arcs

Neither Anna nor Elsa has a fully fleshed out character arc in Frozen. Do You Want To Build a Snowman starts out Anna’s arc, but then it kind of falls apart when the story disregards Anna’s struggle with her sister later on. Anna finding out about Elsa’s magic should be a major catalyst that leads to something more, but instead ends up being anti-climactic when Anna barely reacts to the revelation. Any anger, hurt, resentment, etc. goes out the window entirely. A similar thing happens with Elsa. Elsa has this great conflict in dealing with her powers and the fallout of bottling up her emotions. But instead of Elsa fulfilling her arc by learning to control her powers, Anna’s true act of love makes her realize love is the answer and everything is fixed.

frozen wait what

This makes absolutely no sense. The movie gives us this fear = bad, love = good message, but the problem with that is that it’s inconstant. Elsa has a lot of fear, yes, but that fear comes from a place of love: she’s afraid of hurting her sister, who she loves. So shouldn’t that have helped her control her power in some kind of reverse psychology manner?

In Frozen 2, we hope to see the plot arcs of both sisters come full circle and be better resolved than the easy Band-Aid fix the first movie gave us. Those are some of our feelings about Frozen and some hopes we have for the second movie.

What do you hope to see in Frozen 2? Do you even want a sequel? Do you agree with our points? Disagree? Who was your favorite character in Frozen? What would you change about the film?

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